Laserbrite offer the latest Q Switch technology for Tattoo lightening and complete removal in their clinic situated within Rococo Bathgate.

Q Switch is an electronic device for creating very short pulses of light, the energy is absorbed so quickly in the tattoo ink so that the ink “explodes” and is mechanically broken down into small fragments which are removed by the body’s immune system over time, sessions are 6 weeks apart giving the body time to flush the ink out. Usually 4 sessions are needed to lighten for a cover up , between 6 and 12 sessions for complete removal.

Prices start at £30 for a small Tattoo, £45 for medium size and £60 for a larger piece. Get in touch to book a free consultation.

Tattoo Lightening – Before, After and During

Tattoo Removal – Before & After


We also offer a range of IPL treatments, email or phone Yvonne on 07835039809 for more information.